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QT-RK-POLARIS SPORTSMAN : Farm Quad / Utility Quad Agricultural registration

£ 266.58 inc VAT | 330.56 inc VAT | $ 339.89

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Our universal fit road legal kit can be used for both agricultural registration of farm quads and for PLG registration via the MSVA process.

We have the only kit on the market that meets the EC2002/24 regulations for a light 4 wheeled vehicle.

The kit contains a new handlebar switchgear which fits next to your original with controls for indicators, hazards and horn. It has a green LED in the top which flashes to tell you that your indicators are on.

Also included are 4 flush mount indicators or motorcycle style stick-out indicators

To complete the conversion a horn, indicator relay and numberplate lamp (if required) are included in the kit.

Don't get caught out. No-matter what you are told, if you use a 4 wheeled vehicle on a road that can do more than 15mph, a speedometer and lighting kit is required.

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Category Quadtech Utility Quad Road Kits
Sub-Category Polaris
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Base Price
£ 266.58 inc VAT
Handlebar Switch
Indicator Type
Choose our DOT marked flush mount LED indicators with rubber bezel or motorcycle style stem - stick out type with E-Mark. Stem type required on rear if brake light switches ordered
Trailer Socket
Choose whether you would like a trailer socket and uprated indicator relay included in the kit

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