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QT-RL-YFZ350 : Yamaha Banshee 2001 on MSVA Road Kit

£ 439.99 inc VAT | 545.59 inc VAT | $ 560.99

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Plug and play road legal conversion kit.
Kit includes:
ACEWELL ACE-268 computer speedometer
Plug and Play Cable harness
Handlebar switchgear
Kill Tether
Front LED indicators with integral sidelights
Rear LED indicators
Indicator Relay
Mirrors & brackets
Reed switch speed sensor
Magnet to replace 1 wheel bolt to drive speed sensor.

Optional parts:
The kit must not be fitted unless the original electrics are modified from AC to DC and a DC voltage regulator and battery are fitted.
If this has not already been done then choose battery and DC regulator in the drop down below.

You will also need:
E-Marked Tyres
Numberplate bracket
Move the headlights apart as they are too close together, or remove both headlights and put a single headlight on the centreline.

The Banshee as standard runs 12V AC electrics, this cannot charge a battery. It is recommended to modify the stator and purchase a replacement voltage regulator which will provide 14v DC to charge the battery. See related products below
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Category Quadtech Sports Quad Road Kits
Sub-Category Yamaha
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£ 439.99 inc VAT
DC Conversion

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