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ACE-IVR 03-04 : NTC / Battery light adaptor

10.00 inc VAT | 12.40 inc VAT | $ 12.74

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This adaptor replaces the bulb in either a motorcycle low fuel level adaptor or the battery light on a BMW Boxer to allow an LED to be used to show the low fuel or battery warning instead.

The adaptor can also be connected to an Acewell fuel gauge in RES mode to display low fuel on the LCD.
2 versions are available
IVR-03 has 2 outputs - one pulls +ve and the other -ve when the bulb would normally illuminated
IVR-04 has 1 output which pulls -ve when the bulb would normally be illuminated.
To connect to a RES mode fuel gauge you connect -ve
If using one of the LEDs then check if it needs to pull +ve or -ve on the wiring diagram for the LED.
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Category Acewell Accessories and Sensors
Sub-Category Electronic Adaptors
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